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Parking systems for underground garages and parking buildings

Parking systems for underground garages and parking buildings

The AUTOpark PRO automatic car park system is suitable for large-scale parking operations in parking buildings and large-capacity garages. Every car park can be equipped with with an unlimited number of vehicle entries and exits and payment terminals (automatic or manual payment facilities).

Controlling the car park

Our AUTOpark PRO parking system not only enables the automatic charging of vehicles, but also their guidance to a free parking space within the building, including the blocking of parking spaces for long-term ticket holders.

It is possible to set up payment or extension units for individual tenants with a list of the car park use in set intervals (weekly, monthly) for the administration of buildings.


The system can be supplemented with vehicle administration using number plate recognition or it can be fitted with parking for long-term clients (cards, chips).

The price for the parking system

The price for the AUTOpark PRO automated car park system starts at 400,000 CZK. The final price is derived from the client’s requirements and the number of pedestrian/vehicle entries, payment terminals and any other accessories.

The advantages of the parking system

  • the guidance system to free parking spaces
  • extension/discount readers for the offices/shops of individual tenants
  • the system can easily be connected to the user’s IT system
  • the option of connecting to the input control (administration, chip/card/ticket management)
  • remote administration and servicing
  • a standby service available NON-STOP 24/7/365
  • an anti-vandal finish
  • very low operating and maintenance demands (large-capacity coin hoppers and supplies of thermal paper)
  • simple installation on an island (no structural preparation necessary)
  • a Czech product, Czech localisation (it can also be supplied in other language versions)
  • the best price/performance ratio on the market


Safety and durability

  • an anti-vandal finish
  • a high level of durability


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