GSM CITY s.r.o. offers its customers interesting financing options for its parking systems. It is not necessary to have the full amount available to be able to start earning from your car park. You do not even have to have a single koruna to be able to acquire a modern, intelligent and high quality parking system.

The precondition for the use of the options set out below is a parking area with a capacity for at least 40 vehicles.

A 50% financial contribution

  • All of the investments in the parking system, including any accessories, will be borne by our company. After the completion of the installation, the car park operator will pay for 50% of the costs.
  • Our company will pay the operator for 50% of any investments in the necessary infrastructure (registering the construction site, the electrical connections, any structural modifications).
  • Once the car park commences operations, the profit will be equally distributed between our company and the operator.
  • All of the operating costs (paper for the printer, SIM card fees, electricity) in the area of hundreds of koruna a month will be deducted from the profit.
  • The operator will secure the car park’s operations (the maintenance of the area, snow clearance, etc.), change the paper in the printer (ca once every 14 days) and collect the cash from the payment terminal (preferably once a week given the amount of cash).

The profit sharing takes place over 60 months.

A 0% financial contribution

  • All of the investments in the parking system, including any accessories, will be borne by our company
  • The car park owner will resolve the electrical connection, the registration of the construction site and any necessary final approval (the property must have been prepared for the investment). The electricity meter will be registered in our company’s name.
  • GSM CITY s.r.o. will receive all the profit once the car park commences operations
  • Our company will bear all of the costs for servicing and maintaining the system.

The parking system will be transferred to the ownership of the car park owner in full once 150% of the investment costs have been recovered.

Novinka: Thermogate

Jedná se o moderní zařízení pro autorizaci osob při vstupu, většinou připojené na automatické dveře nebo turnikety, které nabízí tři základní funkce.

  • 1 - Měření teploty
  • 2 - Kontrola nasazené roušky
  • 3 - Rozpoznání obličeje (i s nasazenou rouškou)
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