Car park hire

Do you have an interesting parking area, but you don’t want to take care of it? Are you looking for an experienced and reliable operator for your car park? Contact us!    

Our company has extensive experience in operating parking areas across the entire republic. We operate hired car parks in spa locations, as well as at recreational resorts and outdoor swimming pools. We always equip the car parks which we operate with parking systems, so there are no ugly huts for parking attendants, taped up entrances and hand-raised barriers. By using an automatic parking system at the hired car parks, we not only achieve a modern look, but we mainly also provide high quality services for parking motorists and good economic results.

How does the car park hire work

  • The property must have been prepared for investment (electrical connections, final approval for use, etc.)
  • All of the necessary investments in the parking system, including any accessories, will be borne by our company.
  • All of the investments in the operation of the parking system (electricity, paper for the printer…) and the costs for any necessary servicing will be borne by our company.
  • GSM CITY s.r.o. will collect the parking fees from the parking area.
  • GSM CITY s.r.o. will pay the owner of the area the agreed rental, which is derived from the number of parking spaces, the tariffs, seasonal factors and the location etc., every month.

The minimum length of the lease contract and the amount of the rental are always a matter of individual agreement. Please contact our sales representative for more information.

Novinka: Thermogate

Jedná se o moderní zařízení pro autorizaci osob při vstupu, většinou připojené na automatické dveře nebo turnikety, které nabízí tři základní funkce.

  • 1 - Měření teploty
  • 2 - Kontrola nasazené roušky
  • 3 - Rozpoznání obličeje (i s nasazenou rouškou)
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