Parking systems

Parking systems

The automatic car park administration system is used to administer company, commercial or municipal parking areas with the objective of optimising operations (the parking period and time, separating desirable and undesirable users) and maximising profit (fee collection, operator monitoring and payment administration).

The parking system may include an unlimited number of pedestrian and vehicle entries and automatic or manual payment facilities.

The car park can be equipped with a wide range of accessories with functions which ensure a high degree of functionality, including remote administration via a web interface or comprehensive monitoring using the back-office system which provides a great deal of options for expanding the car park to include further elements such as

  • card payments
  • text message payments
  • number plate recognition
  • guidance systems
  • statistics
  • online servicing and cloud backups
  • notifications
  • fault reporting


Types of parking systems

We offer three automated parking systems. The basic AUTOpark LIGHT, the standard AUTOpark system and the advanced AUTOpark PRO.

We recommend the professional AUTOpark PRO system for situations where significant demands are placed on the operations of large-capacity car parks, parking buildings and underground garages.

We also provide free measuring and a proposed solution.

The AUTOpark LIGHT automatic parking system

AUTOpark LIGHT is an autonomous parking system with an automatic payment machine which has been designed for a dry indoor environment, accepts coins (CZK + Euro) and refunds 5 different coin denominations (bank notes are not possible).

The parking system has been designed for simple applications equipped with an entry and exit terminal (a maximum of 2 entry terminals + 2 exit terminals), barriers and the LIGHT automatic payment terminal.

The AUTOpark automatic parking system

AUTOpark is a parking system with an automatic payment terminal which has been designed for an outdoor environment and accepts coins and banknotes in all denominations (CZK + Euro). Change is provided in coins (banknotes are not possible).

The system has been designed for standard applications with several pedestrian/vehicle entries with an unlimited number of automatic and manual payment facilities.

The system is equipped with remote administration via a web interface, including the sending of status text messages and information on how full the payment machines are and on the status of the coin hoppers.

The AUTOpark PRO automatic parking system

AUTOpark PRO is a professional parking system designed for the operation of a car park via a data station with the option of an unlimited amount of pedestrian/vehicle entries and payment terminals.

It is suitable for large-capacity car parks, parking buildings, underground garages, shopping centres and supermarkets. You can read more under parking systems for underground garages and parking buildings or parking systems for shopping centres and supermarkets.

The price for the automatic parking systems

The price for the cheapest system starts at 250,000 CZK. The AUTOpark PRO professional solution can be acquired for 400,000 CZK.

The basic elements of the delivery

  • an entry terminal (also available with an integrated barrier)
  • an exit terminal (also available with an integrated barrier)
  • automatic barriers
  • an automatic payment terminal
  • induction coils with an evaluator
  • software for the operation and administration of the car park
  • assembly, set-up and commissioning


Joint financing

Our services also include interesting financing options for our parking systems. If you have a car park with a capacity of at least 40 vehicles, we can offer to pay for the entire investment in the parking system in return for a subsequent share of the profits. See the page on financing for more.

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