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Managing operations and road safety

Managing operations and road safety

GSM CITY s.r.o. offers a wide range of products which provide better orientation for drivers, driver guidance and the definition of hazardous zones.

This mainly involves LED signal lights in the carriageway, speed bumps, guidance systems, stop bars and displays of the number of available parking spaces in the car park.

All road safety elements can be installed to enable more comfortable use of the parking areas or to define the entry and exit from the car park.

The LED lights which have been designed to be installed in the carriageway can also be used for installations in highly loaded vehicle entries and exits for very heavy vehicles with a load rating of up to 60 tons on a single light. These lights enable the passage of the vehicles to be guided or regulated in association with the evaluation of the traffic; for example, the evaluation of how full the car park is (scales, the warehouse, etc…).

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Novinka: Thermogate

Jedná se o moderní zařízení pro autorizaci osob při vstupu, většinou připojené na automatické dveře nebo turnikety, které nabízí tři základní funkce.

  • 1 - Měření teploty
  • 2 - Kontrola nasazené roušky
  • 3 - Rozpoznání obličeje (i s nasazenou rouškou)
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