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Outdoor turnstiles

Outdoor turnstiles

Outdoor turnstiles are very useful wherever it is necessary to control the passage of individuals or employees. Outdoor turnstiles are most commonly seen at the entries to company premises or public areas.
If you are looking for interior turnstiles, please visit the page on Interior Turnstiles.

Our professional solutions offer maintenance-free operations, a long service life and easy operation. The turnstiles are also galvanised, so they can reliably resist any climatic conditions and it is possible to provide them with a warranty of up to 5 years.

They are most commonly used for:

  • gatehouses into company facilities
  • zoos
  • fun parks
  • waterparks
  • outdoor swimming pools


Turnstile types

We offer several types of outdoor turnstiles. The type also depends on the customer’s requirements. It is necessary to make your choice based on the frequency of traffic or the area where the turnstile is to be located. Outdoor turnstiles are manufactured in two variants, i.e. single-bay turnstiles (one bay with rotating arms) or double-bay turnstiles (two sets of rotating arms).

  • Electromechanical or motorised
  • Single-bay turnstiles
  • Double-bay turnstiles
  • Stainless steel outdoor turnstiles
  • Outdoor turnstiles with a gate for bicycles or prams


Electromechanical turnstiles work on the principle of electromagnets which unlock after receiving an impulse from the control unit. The rotation then takes place manually (through the pressure exerted by a hand, the body, etc.). They are ideal in places where there is significant pedestrian traffic; entries to company premises, waterparks, fun parks, etc. They have the longest service life of all the types. This means that their price is slightly higher.

Motorised turnstiles turn with the help of a built-in motor. In order for the turnstile to turn, the motor must receive an impulse from the control unit (for example, from a contactless card reader). They also have a long service life, but their acquisition costs are lower.

Outdoor turnstiles consist of a galvanised frame and rotating central arms. There is always a polycarbonate roof above the turnstile to ensure the greater comfort of those passing through. It is also possible to deliver stainless steel outdoor turnstiles to order.

The price 

The price for a professional outdoor turnstile with a long service life starts at 150,000 CZK, excluding VAT.

The price depends on the chosen type, the required accessories or the extended warranty. Call or write to us and we will send you a non-binding price calculation.


We also supply all of our different turnstiles with accessories:

  • handrails (galvanised, stainless steel) including many types of panelling
  • coin deposits (the turnstile unlocks once a coin has been inserted)
  • a contactless card or chip reader
  • the Watchtower system – professional software which provides advanced options for monitoring the throughout, setting user rights, remote diagnostics and so on.
  • a contactless card reader + an automatic payment terminal (the turnstile unlocks using a ticket from the payment terminal) – excellent in those areas where you want to exclude the human operators from the payment process.
  • time and attendance systems
  • random employee luggage inspections

Safety and durability

  • high durability – an “anti-vandal” finish
  • a connection to the electronic fire alarm and security systems – the anti-panic system unlocks the turnstile’s arms and enables the free passage of individuals in the case of an alarm.
  • backing up the system

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