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The number plate recognition system

The number plate recognition system

The automatic number plate recognition system is based on number plate recognition. It is not only used for access to the car park, but also, for example, during vehicle entry into company premises. This is a modular system which uses high quality digital cameras to record a vehicle’s number plate as the basis for the operation of the barrier or gate.

Controlling the number plate recognition system

Only the number plate is used to identify a vehicle meaning that the use of a chip card or a wireless controller is no longer necessary. The system includes a data station which is used to set up the system, administer the database of vehicle number plates, monitor the current situation and for any manual operations.

The statistics overview function with the option of using filters and exports and the creation of lists of long-term parking ticket holders, including the detailed set up of the authorisations for each individual vehicle, is a matter of course.


The use of the number plate recognition system increases security and user comfort, reduces the costs for identification equipment and increases the vehicle clearance rate.

The number plate recognition system accelerates vehicle clearance at the exit from parking systems by eliminating the need to use a parking card at the exit terminal.


The number plate recognition system can be connected to any information system (ERP, CRM) used by the customer.

The price for the number plate recognition system

The price for the entrance system starts at 100,000 CZK. The final price is derived from the customer’s requirements and any other accessories.

The advantages of the number plate recognition system

  • control of any vehicle entry/exit based on the number plate
  • a database of permitted vehicle number plates
  • a database of prohibited vehicle number plates
  • maintenance-free operations
  • system error reporting
  • comprehensive statistical parking data
  • history storage, including the photographs of the number plates
  • simple user supervision
  • the option of parking for long-term parking ticket holders
  • utilisation and yield statistics
  • a multilingual interface
  • an immediate effect on increased utilisation
  • a low acquisition price
  • cameras with LED illumination
  • the option of exporting the database
  • the option of connecting the system to the user’s other IT systems

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