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Automatic entry barriers

Automatic entry barriers

The automatic entry barriers with an electromechanical drive provide a high level of performance and have a long service life. They have been designed for sites with high traffic frequencies.

This industrial solution with a service life of ca 2,000,0000 cycles is suitable for vehicle entries into companies, at gatehouses, in parking buildings, in supermarket and department store car parks and for residential buildings with a maximum clearance width of 8 metres.

Barrier control

The automatic barrier is controlled electronically. The lift period is 1 - 7 seconds, depending on the length of the arm.

You can control the barrier:

  • using a button from the gatehouse
  • by remote control
  • čtečkou zaměstnaneckých karet, které lze napojit na docházkový systém
  • using an employee card reader which can be connected to the time and attendance system

The barrier can also be raised automatically whenever a vehicle drives onto an induction coil (a sensor in the carriageway). Barrier control using an GSM module (a mobile telephone) is also popular, especially in residential buildings. We can also easily connect our barriers to a number plate recognition system.

Types of barriers

We offer automatic barriers with an electromechanical drive and fast-acting barriers with an arm length of up to 9 m. The longer the arm, the slower the barrier closes. For example, fast-acting barriers with a length of 3 m can be raised within 1 second.

Automatic electromechanical barriers

  • RB 30 automatic barriers with an arm length of up to 3 m
  • RBS 30 automatic fast-acting barriers with an arm length of up to 3 m (a lift period of 1 second)
  • RB 45 automatic barriers with an arm length of up to 4.5 m
  • RB 60 automatic barriers with an arm length of up to 6 m

The maximum possible barrier length is 8 m. We can also modify the size, for example, to 5 m.

Hand-operated barriers

Hand-operated barriers with a length of up to 9 m are suitable for places with very low traffic intensity.

The barrier prices

The price for a barrier with an arm starts at 23,000 CZK, excluding VAT.

It depends on the selected type, the accessories or the extended warranty. Call or write to us and we will send you a non-binding price calculation.


We supply all of our barrier types with accessories:

  • Chains to stop pedestrians passing under the barriers
  • An articulated arm in garages with low ceilings
  • LED lighting on the arm
  • Traffic lights
  • Columns with photocells
  • Induction coils
  • Flashing warning lights

Safety and durability

  • High durability – an “anti-vandal” finish
  • Secured against impacts
  • LED lighting makes the barrier arm unmissable
  • The option of manual operation in the case of a failure


Realisation - Save on costs with us

In addition to the barriers, we are also able to supply foundations (structural preparation) or a steel installation island (as the only company in the Czech Republic) which does not require a foundation to be laid under the barrier. All that is required is a power supply.

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